Another one straight from the unda classic BOOMBAP French connection.. DJ RONSHA & G-ZON Hip Hop Show, latest mixtape banger #243..

1- Chinch 33 “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Sam Krats “Culture (Beatminerz Remix)” (feat. Craig G, Mysdiggi, Ramson Badbonez, Gee Bag, Phoenix Da Icefire & Jazz T)
3- Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway “Everything Fresh”
4- M-Dot x The Mighty V.I.C. “Decadence” (feat. Kool G Rap & Revalation) [Cuts by DJ Jean Maron]
5- XL the Beast “Writers Block” (feat. Big Shug)
6- K!NG Jvmes & J. Arrr “Heat” (feat. Chinch 33)
7- Rebel Rodomez x Pa Dre “Concrete Reservation”
8- DJ JahBluez “1 Minute” (feat. Fatlip)
9- Moyo D, Ecliptic Shadow & Custom Made “Rocky And Apollo” (feat. DJ Illanoiz)
10- Cousin Feo “B. Laudrup” (feat. UFO Fev)
11- Guillotine Shark “Guillotine Shark”
12- Dip Diver “Bristles And Inkblots”
13- Heist Life (Ty Da Dale, Sauce Heist & Baby Maine) “Hat Trick”
14- Subtex “London Fog”
15- Onaje Jordan & Tone Beatz “Wait” (feat. Whatamess & GeneralBackPain)
16- Recognize Ali x Nickel Plated Beats “King’s Cloth”
17- Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules & Savilion) “King Animal”
18- JFliz x T The Human “Lava Cake” (feat. G Fam Black & DJ Decepta)
19- Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack “Material Things”
20- Neighborhood Creeps x Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha “The Introduction” [Cuts by Vix Skratch]
21- Mad Dukez x Camoflauge Monk “That Ol’ 90s Shit”
22- Mic Mountain & Hanzo Bladez “Black Spanish” [Cuts by Mr Scratch Hook]
23- OC from NC “’95 Goodie Mob” (feat. Jooselord)
24- Ransom & Rome Streetz “All I Know”
25- Recognize Ali x Tone Spliff “Murder In Daylight” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
26- Eyeree Beats “Medals” (feat. Awon & Tiff The Gift)
27- Planet Asia “Pocket Change” (feat. Rome Streetz)
28- O The Great x Ashtronomicz “Monsters Ink”
29- Raze The Ratchet “So Far Away”
30- Lord Juco x Finn “One Direction” (feat. Asun Eastwood)
31- Memphis Reigns “Red Sunset” (feat. DJ Wally Styles)
32- Community Action (Castor Pollux & Awaxx of the Rhythm Writers) “Code Of The Streets” (feat. Super Ego)
33- Freddie Black & Ras Beats “Hands Up” (feat. M-Dot)
34- Sir Diggy & Nef “The Quest”
35- Tab-One (Kooley High) “Heavy” (feat. Oc from NC)

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IMAGE: Dj Ronsha