DJ RONSHA & G-ZON bring mix #253 of the underground boom bap only show. Presenting the dopest emcees and beats worldwide.

1- DJ Kill Kenny “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Arrested Development x Configa “Swing Um” (feat. Masta Ace, FatMan Scoop & Dell-P)
3- Rob Gonzales “Push N’ Wait” (feat. Ozay Moore)
4- The Better Barz Bureau (Whoknowz, Draco Suave & Spellbook The Drunk Dragon) “Outshine”
5- Mattic & Parental “Satellite Recording”
6- Ty Farris x Stu Bangas “The Sicilian Defense”
7- Dom Pachino “What People Say”
8- Rising Suns “For Everyone” (feat. O.C. of D.I.T.C)
9- Awful P x Frost Gamble “Aged” (feat. I.N.F)
10- Crown (Grim Reaperz) “Poisoned Chalice” (feat. Murdoc, Jamil Honesty, Supreme The Eloheem & Wildelux) [Cuts by Dinokun Nawashigerii]
11- Starvin B x Seasra23 (Top Shelf Muzik) “Irish Car Bomb”
12- BeermoneyUNLTD (Shinobi Satlin, WordChemist & Marzmell) “Sit On it” (feat. DJ Stranger)
13- Flashius Clayton x The Last Composer “Never Ran” (feat. Ruste Juxx)
14- Whichcraft & The Dead Poetz Society “Generation Mic” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
15- Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff “Positive Contact”
16- ActProof x AMP “Overdrive”
17- Karpenters (Kool Keith x Grant Shapiro) “Tonie Bennet (Let’s Get It)”
18- P-Ro & I.N.F “Banana Bread”
19- Device Trax x DJ Kanzer “Ohio Live” (feat. Dolo GodBody)
20- ActProof x AMP “3000 and Beyond
21- Da Joker The Overlooked Emcee x T Customz “Destined To Shine” (feat. Gemz)
22- Mundae Boones (ILLPO) “Mo Shit 2 Say”
23- Pretty Bulli x Castle Money Beats “I’m Really Nice”
24- M-Dot x L.O.B. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” [Cuts by DJ Decepta]
25- Nujericans “Witching Hour” (feat. Ren Thomas)
26- RJ Payne x PA. Dre “The Secret”
27- Ras Kass x Trackz 101 “MLK Day” (feat. Eric Jaye)
28- Dat Boi Vic “She Just Want”
29- B Leafs “Lessons Learned” (feat. Wordsworth & Supastition)
30- Emerg Da MC x BK Bonez “Spiritual Warfare”
31- Substance810 & Nowaah The Flood “Nostalgia”
32- Flashius Clayton x The Alchemist “Top 5 Flash”
33- Ché Noir “Brains For Dinner”
34- Agallah Don Bishop “Authenticated” (feat. Terror Van Poo & Supreme Cerebral)
35- Madhattan & Spanish Ran “The Diaz Organization” (feat. Dot Demo)
36- Jusin Tyme x Marco Polo “The Heat Iz On (Iron Bars)” (feat. R.A The Ruggedman, Billy Danze, Lil Fame, Canibus, Teflon, Nine, Rockness Monsta & Ruste Juxx) [Cuts by Shylow]

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IMAGE: DJ Ronsha