Always gritty and fire underground boombap mixes straight outta Paris, France, DJ RONSHA & G-ZON… make you wanna twist one up..

1- DJ Pandamonium “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Jus Daze x C.G. The Producer “Nuclear Fission”
3- Jus Daze x C.G. The Producer “Nuclear Fission II” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
4- Sime Gezus x Dangermouse “Doom Day”
5- Crotona P x LeuNatic “I’m Him”
6- Mallz x Sharp Cuts “Al Dunbar”
7- St. Ivan The Terrible “Eskape Frum Nu Yawk”
8- King RA x Slide Beatz “Lord Pray For Me”
9- Motown Priest x Fendi Pendegrass “Farewell To Welfare”
10- Pop Da Brown Hornet x Fantom Of The Beat “Mic Champ”
11- Kesper, LEX & Buck “Back At It” (feat. ChezRocka & DJ M-1)
12- 100GrandRoyce x Syer “Understood”
13- Rob Gonzales x JKnodic “Reflection” (feat. Pseudo Slang) [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
14- Wounded Buffalo Beats “Samurai Swing” (feat. Wordsmiff FLIP, Ruste Juxx & Shyheim)
15- Kwam Corleone x JR Swiftz “Wknd Vibes”
16- Prossess x DJ Dyllemma “Lawd Have Mercy”
17- SolarFive x Custom Made “Hold Of Me”
18- Weapon E.S.P x Mr. Rose “Chainsaw”
19- Beedie, Bill Waves, Big Jerm & Billy Hoyle “U Had 2 Be There” (feat. Tommy Girl)
20- Big Trip x 88Blessed “My Brothers Keeper”
21- William Bostick “Dancing With A Stranger”
22- Knightstalker x Falling Down “Scattered Thoughts” (feat. Timbo King)
23- Napoleon Da Legend x D-Styles “Rubiks Cube” (feat. Amerigo Gazaway) [Cuts by D-Styles]
24- Pengame Classic x DJ Keytronikz “The Only Language”
25- Kool Kat “Reservoir Dogz” (feat. Eto, SmooVth, Daniel Son & Brisk Fingaz)
26- Kool Kat “Mic Check 1,2” (feat. Nems)
27- Pretty Bulli x Kidd Called Quest “B.A.S.I.C.”
28- Snook Da Crook x DJ Low Cut “Skin Of Your Teath”
29- V Knuckles x Phoniks “Longevity” (feat. Edo. G & Reks)
30- The Gemini Twins (Prop Dylan & Mr Noun) x Gravy Sparks “Make Up For Lost Time” [Cuts by Mr Noun]
31- The Dunnas (Big Dese & Oak Lonetree) x Loman “We Dumb” (feat. DJ Slipwax)
32- Skits Vicious x Chubeats “Couple Cans” [Cuts by DJ Audas]
33- Mickey Diamond x Oh Jay “Super Bowl Rings” [Cuts by Oh Jay]
34- Different Breed 860 x The Dead Poetz Society “Gifted Man”
35- Kahlee x Masta Conga “Puff Pass”
36- ButterKnife Haircuts “Everyday Vernacular” (feat. Kinetic 9)
37- Cav Johnson x Cee Gee “Salems Lott”
38- King Author x Alpha Centori “Huge Cost”
39- Lloyd Banks x George Jetson “Pieces Of My Pain”
40- Grafh x 38 Spesh “Rain Falls” (feat. Conway The Machine)
41- Fuego Base x Nickel Plated “Quality” (feat. OT The Real)
42- Rah Scrilla x Profound79 “Hustla” (feat. Daniel Son)
43- Kool Kat “Crime Pays” (feat. Estee Nack & Elcamino)
44- Copywrite “I Have Weed About To Drop (Freestyle)” [Cuts by DJ Swab]
45- D.R.E. Colombian Raw x Bobby Bishop “Jersey Drive”
46- Juxx Diamondz x 2wo Offishall “2 For $80” (feat. Ledger)

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