Hip Hop heavyweights D’Wyze, Aul Purpis, Phantasm, and Sadat-X link up to deliver a monstrosity of raw Hip Hop in “Real Ones.” The dramatic blend of gritty and boom-bap cadences with heavy bass and striking drums is sure to have Hip Hop heads feigning for more.

In full beast mode, this dominant threat is bringing the noise straight through the neighborhood. Noise brimming with that real Hip Hop sh*t that lasts and gets you out your seat. “Hip Hop sounds so good but your ears is not ready, I don’t know, I’d rather f*ck with the real ones cause the flow is so steady, so here we go.”

Not intended for the weak at heart, “Real Ones” is packed with cutthroat, in your face lyricism. As they say, there goes the neighborhood…

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ARTICLE: MJs Hip Hop Connex
EDITOR: La Mont Reed