Above Album cover Love Power & Sound Image by Roberts Family Hit’s 68 and artwork by Fero TV.

When did you start writing music?

My Music exploration entree level began in my teen years, making demos and passing them along through my friends and their friends. I was striving to make that contact that would pry open the doors to the music industry.

Who influenced you?

Like all kids watching tv and listening to radio, one can only imagine. You’re on super drive seeing Rock, Rap, Funk, and cross genre’ artists at one time. It forced it’s way into my life, so groups like Run DMC, Public Enemy, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Chic, Malcolm McLaren and the world famous Supreme Team Show, White Stripes, Eminem, Beastie Boys, House of Pain and more have helped me to grow over time.

What were your early passions?

I loved being the Dj Element of the HipHop culture and next to that was being an Emcee, some would say rapper. I was highly, extremely, captivated by hearing myself on the mic. So, I began both at the same time, mixing two instrumentals and scratching while rapping over the top. People love that.

How would you describe your own development as an artist?

I’m completely experimental like a scientist mixing chemicals into potions.

How has your production sound changed over time?

My name Dynamax is short for Dynamite Maximum Strength. My self definition is explosion to the highest degree. On the spiritual level, I truly am a firm believer in evolving futuristictly, especially in art these days. I observe human beings being happy about A.I. and others affaid of it. My heavy appetite and craving for things to move forward has me fully embracing artifical intelligence.

So, this album “LOVE POWER & SOUND” demonstrates just that and more with a dash of emotional, soulful, heartfelt messages. For example, my song “Heaven Sent” produced by the legendary platinum producer Herb Middleton, is dedicated to my wife Carrie Roberts. This woman that has gone over and beyond to prove her love for me.

I wanted Herb Middleton to be a part of this album and particularly this track because of the amazing work he’s done with Mary J Blige. He knows exactly how a perfect HipHop and RnB love song should sound. It’s so important to keep the love stories in the songs to inspire the next generation.


What is your thought process behind creative collaborations?

When I write a song the words give energy and energy can’t be destroyed, just transferred. So, as of late, I’m even more cautious on the ingredients I mix in. I add in the text, lyrics, then analyze who could possibly help me bring certain masterpeices out in full color. For example, the record “Welcome To Insanity” was originally produced by my hand and I invited LSK from super platinum family FaithLess.

I had these two verses and wanted a top of the line chorus. I was thinking maybe a female britsh singer could do it. I tried to add two different artists but, the business side didnt work out. I spoke to LSK and he dug the track. On his own, he decided to reproduce the track and add his chorus, taking it over and beyond. The thanks for that goes to King Monk, in Leeds, who brought us together.

He also linked me with Fero, From Fero Tv. Fero made a couple of music videos for this project; one being for “Welcome To Insanity”. I even jumped in their and added a couple of parts and it’s really planet earth year 4000. “Welcome To Insanity” is what happens when great minds around the world get together.

Can you describe your creative process for us? What influences the creative process and what distracts from it?

Once I find the concept, I lay the path for the blue print to manifest the structure. This produces the frequencys I turn into reality from the dream state of mind.

How has your sound evolved over the years?

Building an instrumental in HipHop was just taking sound bites from records (samples). I wanted more, so I ended up in the studio with the baby of Pink Floyd family, Dom Beken. He is the key boardist of Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets.

We made Resurrected Angel 7, which also features Cappadonna from Wu Tang Clan and punk rockers Headcount from the UK. It’s straight up, real instruments, and musicians going all out. This is how I turn it up a notch.

Dynamax Roberts feat Cappadonna The Resurrected Angel 7

How do you make use of the new technologies available to you?

I enjoy using the softwear in this time frame. I edit music and video the same. It’s uniquely better than any other time we’ve lived in because, tech is at a all time high. It allows us artists the freedom to create unlimitedly.

What are the differences in your present sound from previous projects?

ROBERTS FAMILY HIT’S 68 LLC is the first American record lable I’ve launched releasing direct from USA. All of the others were in Europe. So, based on that fact, I have a slightly more American sound with particles of European influence .

What senses are you aiming to engage in your listeners?

Love Power & Sound is here to make them dance, learn, and look toward’s brighter days.

How do you feel that your art is a catalyst for change?

“What We Want For Them”, featuring Stic Man from Dead Prez and produced by Herb Middleton, shares a message to free political prisioners.

“World Travelers”, featuring El Da Sensei, is produced by Lamont Reed (Phase 2 cousin) and Native (Xxtra Strenf Beats). It’s planting those subliminal seeds to get people on air planes to see the world out side of America. These are messages of freedom for mind, body, and soul.

Will you please tell us a little bit about your HipHop history?

I featured on my first international project with the producer DJ Grandmaster Dee Nasty, in 1994. Dee Nasty is The Father of HipHop in Europe. I was signed to Universal in Europe from 2000 to 2004 and made a Gold Record in the French market.

My track, “High Energy”, was featured on the famous movie trailer “Yamakasi”, film produced by Luc Besson. I lived in Paris and the UK for sixteen years. I toured to thirty countries and earned the title The HipHop Ambassador from DJ Kool Herc, the Father of the HipHop culture.

I became the Ambassador of Music under President’s Bush and Obama touring thirteen African Nations over six years. I was recently awarded the Presidential Humanitarian Award by President Joe Biden for my work in Africa, as a HipHop artist helping out around the world.

What does the future look like for Dynamax Roberts?

I’ll be staying connected to nature, giving thanks to the Most High for all I have seen, happily married and home, and with my awesome mangement team Source of Energy. When I can tour, do shows and keep representing as The HipHop Ambassador, I will. Special shout out to the executive producers Dinahlynn Biggs, Joushua Vause, my brother James Square, Amir Brooks, Keith Jones and Carrie D. Roberts.