Today we are trying to some flower from Flatlandr again. This time we will be trying their Electric Lettuce. The last time we tried something from Flatlandr was their Hawaiian Flowers strain.

I have personally never tried this strain before. When I was looking for new strains to try and saw the name Electric Lettuce I thought I would have to give it a try.

Electric Lettuce is a sativa-dominated hybrid. I was unable to find that cross that makes this strain as there is not much information about it.

The only information that would come up was about other strains Electric Lemonade or a dispensary called Electric lettuce. This batch of Electric Lettuce is 32.3% THC and less than 1% CBD.

There is a total of 3.10% terpenes and these terpene profiles are Caryophyllene, Limonène, Linalool and Pinene. As I’m sure from other reviews that you can notice that certain terpene profiles come up a lot in different strains and some profiles you don’t see as often.

When you open the HQ (Half Quarter/3.5 grams) package you are greeted with that classic smell that you often get with sativa strains. The buds look amazing as they were well trimmed and are covered in trichomes.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that bit buds are very dense and not like your typical wispy sativa buds. I’ve seen this a few times with other sativa strains where you would think it was an indica bud.

As always I rolled up a blunt and was ready to smoke and see how this flower is. The Electric Lettuce had a really nice taste while smoking and burned for a while.

The blunt didn’t canoe (burn uneven) which is great as that can be a pain in the ass when it happens. I found the high to be very much like a typical sativa high very upbeat but not overwhelming.

My overall view on the Electric Lettuce by Flatlandr is that its great day time weed since it’s a sativa. As someone who enjoys smoking indica strains more this wasn’t too bad and gave me a very relaxing high where I wanted to be creative.

For those who enjoy sativa strains more I think this should be something to check out. Keep a look out for their products and see what they can do for you as everyone will enjoy something different.

I look forward to trying more products from Flatlandr to see which ones I like the best personally. Till the next review no matter where you are be safe, stay positive and enjoy what you are smoking.

By T Will