Big Up Jadon, where is home?

Home is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m helping my mom rebuild her home. Our home was robbed for the copper pipes so there was no heat or water in there for years. I’m also here recording the next project. Very focused, man.

Your first experience with the culture? 

My first experience with the culture was as a child walking into the studio as my Uncle Eli, Uncle Marcel, Aunt Denah were hanging out listening to beats, songs, etc. I used to be pretty nervous.

Explain the concept behind ‘Late to the Party’? 

The concept behind ‘Late To The Party’ has a few different meanings.

A) I’m usually always late to parties, shows, etc. Sometimes I’m early.  

B) For the past five years, I’ve been dealing with rebuilding my career after bad experiences with DJ Khaled, management/label issues, family drama and personal issues I dealt with while still playing shows, touring, and other industry work.  

The goal of this album is to show people that though I feel like I’m arriving late in the game, I’m actually right on time. 

Favorite emcee you hope to rock with? Favorite MC I’d like to rock with?

It would definitely be Nas or A$AP Mob as a whole.

Thoughts on mumble rap culture? 

I rock with it. No beef. Shout out Young Thug, Uzi, Future, etc. I bang with the NY Drill scene too. Shout out to Tony Seltzer and A Lau. They’ve been crafting the NYC sound from drill to underground to commercial in NYC for years now.

Favorite hip hop spot in NYC these days before COVID? 

My favorite hip-hop spot in NYC is a dope bar/venue in Lower Eastside Manhattan (LES) called Max Fish. It’s a legendary place with two floors mic setup, DJ’s, performances, and good drinks. My go to now is Bunton’s World Famous in Brooklyn. Mad fun! 

How has the covid affected your life? 

It’s been a weird experience dealing with COVID – 19. On one end, it’s been rough. I’ve lost two of my grandmothers during this 6-7 month period. I wasn’t able to attend their funerals which isn’t the greatest feeling. 

What’s next in your plans for the remainder of 2020? 

My plans for the remainder of 2020 are to record and produce in the studio as much as possible. Also, I want to lock in with a personal trainer and push my mental and physical limits I’ve haven’t experienced before. I’ve been in survival mode for the last decade. Now I’m finally getting the chance to live.

Thoughts on the protests? 

I feel that the protests have been powerful and needed. I was in Philadelphia for the protests, looting, rioting that happened as a result of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery all unjustly losing their lives. It was a wilding thing to process. ATM’s getting blown up, stores being run through, boarded up then ran through again. I resided in North Philly and in my opinion, it was hit the hardest.

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IMAGE: Jadon Woodard