Esh & The Isolations reestablish themselves after the success of their Don’t Freak Out, Shoot To Kill, Idiot Fingerz, and Lou Says visuals with a new live video Rose Of A New Thorn.

This is a refined version of the closing track on their Idiot Fingerz LP which dropped last May.

“We decided to strip down our normal performance facade, and give the viewer a more intimate glimpse of our typical practice session” says Esh. Check out the video above and your preferred digital streaming platform.

1. Idiot Fingerz
2. Shoot 2 Kill
3. Lou Says
4. Costanza Wallet
5. Me & My Rhythm Box
6. Rich Parents
7. Don’t Freak Out!!!
8. I Am Nothing
9. Better Than Dead
10. Every Rhyme
11. Chef Kiss (Feat. ORCHIDS)
12. Bury Go ‘Round (Feat. IAME of Wool See)
13. Rose of a New Thorn

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ARTICLE: Leedz Edutainment
IMAGE: Esh & The Isolations