Los Angeles-based, world-renowned hip-hop pioneer Evidence releases a new music video, “Lost In Time (Park Jams),” marking the first visual released since his fourth solo studio album, Unlearning Vol. 1, dropped on June 25 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Framed by the night skyline of downtown LA, Evidence delivers verses packed with razor-sharp wit, saying, “I got a keen sense / I’m observant / Got the worm I’m up early / At night I’m up turning / Sleepless / Keeps me far from what my dream is / I need peace more than Bentley Benz or Beamers / Extend my arms just to find out what my reach is / Beaches / Define my actions more than all my features / All my Reason and my Logic now been panning out / Didn’t take me serious until I pulled the Canon out / I make the photo finish vintage / They don’t call it art / I’m just a person who’s an owner of a lonely heart.”

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IMAGE: Evidence