In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Kool Kim, one-half of the iconic hip-hop duo UMC’s. From their critically acclaimed album “Fruits of Nature” to Kool Kim’s controversial solo venture as NYOIL, we ask about the group’s legacy, his viral moments, and what the future holds for this hip-hop veteran.

When you drop “Y’All Should All Get Lynched” back in 2007 under NYOIL name did you know it would go viral? Most memorable reactions to that song?

By the time I posted it in the form that it is known now, (I originally produced the track and posted it on Myspace and then DJ Slice remixed it, it was already blowing up on Myspace. It was going viral fast… In fact, it was viral before that was even a thing.

The most memorable reaaction to the song would have been when Reginal Hudlin reached out. At the time he was the President of BET and wanted to do a Cartoon video for the song. So I flew out to Cali to shoot some live action that they would later use in the video.

However unfortunately Jesse Jackson and his crew heard about the song and didn’t know what it was about but just heard the title and they planned to combat it. It got so crazy that they never aired it on BET. Fuck Jesse Jackson for that. LMAO!!!

What type of work did you do with The BBC radio?

I was a social pundit for BBC’s World Have Your Say, I spoke to Millions of people on both the radio show and also the live TV show. It was kinda crazy because if I’m correct I’m the only HipHop artist to ever have done something like that!

Recently you just reunited with Hassan and Dj Kid Magic (Cols, Oh.) for a show in BK how did that come about? Thoughts on that show?

Although I am very much focused on my solo work, it was alot of fun to be able to rock out with Haas on stage once again. What was most impactful was that for Kid Magic, that was the first time EVER that he had the opportunity to DJ for us.

Despite the fact that he was the author of the classic cuts on One To Grow On. He’s always been a beautiful soul and I was very happy he had the opportunity to do that with us finally. It was truly long overdue.

Note that, the reason he never had the chance to dj for us was because he lived in Columbus OH. So being able to tour with him (For us) was cost prohibitive. Otherwise he would been with us the whole time.

Will there be another UMC’S album or collaborations with Hassan?

We just did a track where we featured on with a brother named Fokis. It’s dope and I can imagine us doing more music if the opportunity presents itself.

However I’m not chasing after that to happen. I’m really enjoying being a solo artist and I’m happy where I’m at. But if the fans of the music ask for it in earnest then I can’t see why not.

Why did the UMC’S split up?

We never split up. I don’t know why folks say that. We just grew up, like if you and your boy get jobs and don’t work in the same area so you just don’t see him as often. More of that kinda thing than anything else.

Since the industry and the fans weren’t talking about us we kinda assumed cats were done with that and didn’t care what we did. So I just started working on my own music. Hence NYOIL and in the now time I’m back on my Kool Kim business and having a great go of it.

What are you working on now?

Well I’m having a great time working with MarkPain. We just dropped a new single “Don’t Talk No More” it’s dope.. The DJ’s are picking it up and we’re getting some great sales feedback.

We chose to release it direct to consumer download on the 29th of Sept with it reaching streaming platforms by the 13th of October. We did this because at some point we want to walk away from the streaming patforms all together.

They’re just jearking artist and at best they’re only good for promotion unless your already an established artist. So now, NO Middle men between us and the fans. It’s all hand to hand.

Thoughts about Hip Hop 50th anniversary?

It’s wonderful to see the energy surrounding these events. Even if your not included in any of them.. it’s still dope because they’re picking up the energy and reminding cats of how much fun they had with Hip Hop growing up.

It’s setting a new precedent wit Hiphop related business. People are realizing they are ignoring a highly profitable demographic and now there are eyes on the previous generations of hiphop. This is a good opportunity for everyone who’s serious about continuing their careers.

Do you feel like the UMC’s gets its proper respect in the Rap groups of groups?

Nah not really but.. I don’t think I care… as long as they don’t try to disrespect us everything is good.

What are some goals for the rest of 2023?

Release more music.. work this new record “Don’t talk no more” to the radio successfully. If i can achieve that it will be a major breathru for the culture and the older heads.

Last words or shoutouts??

Shout out to y’all for reaching out to me! Shouts to my Wife and my Mother and Kids. Shouts to all my fam (fans) and shout to MarkPain and 808Diffraction for their unwavering support of what I’ve been doing. That’s really dope.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed