Today we profile an indie label based out of Chicago, Illinois called Culture Power45. Shout out to Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, Fatnice, Drew and Dj Waht for taking the time to answer our questions. If you like what you see and hear below, make sure to go over their site and show them your support!

Why did you start Culture Power45?

We created Culture Power45 as a way to release rare Vinyl and Tape Music rarely heard. We wanted to create a platform for our sounds, our story.

Black Culture of Art and Sound! Just create regardless of any obstacle, it’s no such thing as a financial challenge when you are truly creative. You must work regardless of the circumstances or else it’s a waste of life.

Our reason to create Culture Power45 was always about Black empowerment and showcases our work. We are a record label of creative art and music. We create limited edition vinyl, art works and tapes, etc… that inspires the youth and elevates the creative mind.

Culture Power 45 is a source grounded in providing culturally based sound to a worldwide audience via the limited vinyl and collectible 45 formats. We believe in our mission of empowering the people through music so the people can power the culture!

Fatnice The Evolution of Nice

The message is positivity and upliftment to the African Community. We are inspired by our people to be who we are and not fear what we do.

Take from it what’s good in the world and know We Don’t Do Digital! Motivated by Fatnice, Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, Dj Waht (not What), The South Side Chicago and Memphis.

We are a collective of sound providers and Artist who not only produce music, but we paint, 2D Traditional Animators, We draw, make Video Art, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Collage Artist, Sound Art, Djays, Remixes, Photographers, Educators, African Art Collectors, Writers, Designers and makers of creative thoughts.

How many releases have you put out so far?

We have released over 120 different albums from this label. We all have over 30 years experience working for many labels, distributors and marketing firms over the years.

Do you have a hook up on the vinyl? Where do you get it? How does it work?

Oh it’s Magic at this point. All people looking to make vinyl must research and learn the process. We have been pressing Vinyl since the mid 90’s so we use all varieties of vinyl manufactures. Research!

Your thoughts on the resurging interest?

Culturepower45 was formulated; back in the fall of 2015 a few Black men in creative arts and music had a plan to develop a vinyl only label. It was a private donor who gave the initial startup, DJ What, Thaione Davis and Infinito 2017 (ML7102).

As a collective who came from the Underground Hip Hop era we were just looking to put out some vinyl through an independent Black owned design, that’s the goal.

After some discussions about what and how Thaione came up with the name Culture Power45 based on the history and legacy of knowledge we all developed from our childhood and unity needed in the African global community.

We took our education and resources and started getting Cut Vinyl made, pressed vinyl and shaped vinyl and Tapes, etc. with the motto “We Don’t Do Digital.” We have worked continuously since the inception of the label to be consistent and respectful towards each other.

Our main goal is support and consistency in creating artist projects. In the fall of 2016 we got the first projects made and the dream became fruition.

We released CP4501 in December and it sold out immediately in less than 5 days, Next CP4502 came out and sold out in a few days and so on. We prepared the release of CP4506 which featured Fatnice and Iomos Marad on April 7th, 2016 that one sold out immediately.

But what is really dear to us all is our compilation venture CP4507 “Fruition” which came out June 7th 2017 and this release was on 12 inch pressed vinyl, 18 track, colored vinyl, in full colored jackets painted by artist Marcellous Lovelace, the LP lineup is amazing featuring Fatnice, MaxPtah, Tall Black Guy, Jason Da Hater, Empee, Infinito 2017, 9th Scientist, Kenny Keys, Radius, Rashid Hadee, Fatnice, L.I.F.E. Long, Nekaybaww, Thaione Davis, Masai Bey and more.

The CulturePower45 (CP4507) Fruition compilation is really dope and came together similar to how the label did through unity. We also dropped Lost Cargo 1, (CP45010) African of Kenya Ether Part 18 by Infinito 2017.

Simplicity (CP45018) is the 12-inch vinyl compilation we came out with in 2018. The CP45 crew came back with the second release in its vinyl compilation series entitled ‘Simplicity’.

Dope beats and rhymes, it’s as simple as that with bangers from the likes of Dug infinite, Truth Universal, Kevin Fountain, Bin Grim, Nex Millen, Vast Aire, Pruven, Kenny Keys, Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, Fatnice, Mr. Skurge, DJ Spinna, L.I.F.E. Long, Dj Afar, The Primerdian, Jason Da Hater, Vic Spencer, Dion Brown, Cos G, ILLsugi, Empee, Buscrates, Brez Evah Flowin and a host of others that will surely keep the record spinning.

If someone wanted to peep your catalog where should they start?

Check out all our music here. Also tune into all the artists on the spotify link below search and do research on all the many Artist associated with the Label. Study Music etc!!

How can one get on your label, who are you looking for?

We ask artist to submit a link via email listed here.

What are some hurdles that come with the job?

None we are Artist and we create for the love of the Art form of Hip Hop and Black Culture. It’s useful to teach everyone about all the important Black lineage of the city from Record Row the birth home of Black / Soul Music, Red Summer of 1919 to the cities greatest Mayor Harold Washington. Learn the land and its interesting yet detailed story.

Do you have a strategy for your marketing or your branding?

Be genuine and realistic, it’s a proven fact is that betting on Culture Power 45 is a banger! By 2018 Lost Cargo 2-5, Automatic Gain Control 3 and 5 were sure shots along with Live from Memphis, Born We Resist, Mentally Aware Teaching Huemans, Companion Piece and more which have all sold out.

These releases are limited edition pressings so when it’s gone it’s gone for good no repressing. Also it’s not many digital releases from the label so vinyl and tapes are the only formats you can receive the albums on.

All artists should control their publishing and the masters to their music; our labels do not control or dictate rules over people’s creativity as free thinkers. We create Black Art and Exhibit these works on various platforms.

Please take the time to go to the website and save our media sites all under @culturepower45.

Automatic Gain Control 3

Lost Cargo 4 by Culture Power45 Limited Edition 12

PopCulture Sucks (Limited) by ML7102

Thoughts on A.I.? Do you plan to use it?

Never, it’s useless! We use our own minds!

Goals for the rest of the year?

Stay tuned in at more vinyl more releases, Beat Tapes, Vinyl and Black Art!

Last word or shout outs?

Every Artist we have worked with and Inspired or has inspired us. Thank You.

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