Today, we’re diving into another wake-and-bake pre-roll review, featuring a new product from North 40 Cannabis.

Previously, I experienced their collaboration with Premium 5, crafting the exquisite Blackcherry Punch Hash Rosin.

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, North 40 Cannabis is changing the narrative of agricultural output, showcasing a nice range of crops beyond just wheat.

Our focus today is their Farm Gas THCa Diamond Infused Blunt, boasting a generous 1-gram portion. Farm gas is an indica-dominate hybrid strain from crossing Sour Diesel and GMO together.

This pre roll is listed as a sativa-dominated hybrid strain. So maybe that comes from the diamonds as I’m not sure what strain was used to make them. This batch of Farm Gas THCa Diamond Infused Blunt 1g is 43.8% THC, less than 1% CBD and 3.3% terpenes.

The dominate terpene profiles are Farnesene (0.8%), Caryophyllene (0.7%) and Limonene (0.6%). Since this pre roll already came in a blunt I don’t have to waste any time with rolling.

The container the pre roll came it was a bit hard to open at first but I was able to get it opened. The pre roll blunt doesn’t look the biggest but since there are diamonds I’m hoping that will help a lot.

The pre roll blunt smoked for around 20 minutes or so. The blunt did have a bit of a kick to it while smoking. There was also a pleasant taste while smoking which was really nice and made you want to enjoy it then rush just to finish it.

After smoking I did find myself feeling pretty high. It wasn’t overwhelming but I was impressed how high I got from such a small pre roll blunt. The high did last for a while after smoking it which usually doesn’t happen when I smoke pre rolls.

My overall thought of the Farm Gas THCa Diamond Infused Blunt 1g by North 40 Cannabis is I really liked this pre roll blunt a lot.

This is for sure one of the better pre rolls that I have tried and reviewed so far. It did cost $22 Canadian for this 1g pre roll before tax but it also got me pretty high.

I personally wouldn’t buy this all the time but if I was out and forgot weed or didn’t bring enough this would be a go to for sure.

Sometimes you also feel lazy and don’t feel like rolling and for 1 gram this did get me high and was great for a quick wake and bake session. I feel this would be great for people with a higher tolerance as a solo blunt while on the go or when you are having one of those lazy days.

I feel this would be great for those with a lower tolerance to share with a few friends and enjoy the high together while chilling. See what it can do for you and your cannabis needs as it can affect everyone in different ways.

Don’t forget to hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of this or other products from North 40 Cannabis that you have tried.

Thanks again for reading as always and until the next review be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!