Mending What’s Broken: Odes for Stalwart Days and Fearless Nights is Flint, Michigan lyricist Prox Centauri’s project second full-length effort.

The eleven track release is steeped in deep, polymathic lyrics and atmospheric production that aims to instill a sense of courageousness and solidarity into the listeners.

The collection of pieces is a symbolic representation of Prox’s many cumulative hours of existential development.

Regarding his motivations for this outing, he stated that:

“My entire musical journey has been about growth and prosperity. The goal for me has always and will always be inspiring others to evolve mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.”

“Self-discovery is my top priority and I want to invite others along for the ride via my musings. Mending is a postcard of sorts, giving my listeners a metaphorical snapshot of each layover I have been inhabiting in-between releases.”

With exceptional guest appearances from Chicago’s Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids, Author and psychedelic researcher Martin W. Ball, Shoetuber Mike the Compass, and produced by Yondo Music, the Michigan product has crafted his most diverse and ambitious creation yet.

“I wanted to create a project that would elicit introspection while simultaneously avoiding any unnecessary pessimism. These are difficult and unprecedented times and the last thing we need is more negativity.

I doubt this release would classify as bubblegum or saccharine, but it is a bit of a departure from what people may be accustomed to hearing from me.”

Mending What’s Broken: Odes for Stalwart Days and Fearless Nights will be available for streaming and download on 10/21/21.

1. Mending What’s Broken
2. Longway
3. Hedonism
4. Fractals Floored Me (feat. Martin W. Ball)
5. The Persistence of Forethought
6. Stalwart Days
7. Aurichalcum (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)
8. Leitmotifs
9. Regalia (feat. Mike the Compass)
10. Margin Calls
11. Fearless Nights

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IMAGE: Prox Centauri