The video for the previously release second single from rapper Fortunato and producer Sean One’s Blue Collar 2, out now on Hand’Solo Records.

Fortunato & Sean One continue the uplifting positivity on “It’s You”, the second single from their new album, Blue Collar 2.

Sean One combines a thick drum track with synth bass and keys for a chill boom bap backdrop on which Fortunato presents his philosophical life lessons.

Overflowing with inspirational musings that include “be satisfied with what you got, enjoy the life that you live”, “life is precious, so defend it”, and “Only one like you, so breathe and be true”, a callback to their previous single, the central message of “It’s You” is that the one who controls your fate and can change the world is you.

When you’re feeling down, this is the song that will lift you back up.

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ARTICLE: Hand’Solo Records
IMAGE: Fortunato & Sean One