Fredro Starr and Jonny Vulgar host the new Rappers And Ballers Podcast where they talk about hip hop and sports.

They also dropped their EP with the same title “Rappers and Ballers”. All tracks produced by Local Astronauts from Los Angeles. The beats are a soulful blend of Boom Bap with an eastcoast flavor.

Fredro Starr and Jonny Vulgar compliment each other as they trade off bar for bar. They skillfully include the topics of sports and the street life to make “Rappers and Ballers” EP perfect for the summer.

The first single and video is the tittle track “Rappers and Ballers” smooth vibe and a catchy hook with an Allen Iverson sample (we talking bout practice) to make it complete.

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ARTICLE: Goon Musick PR
IMAGE: Jonny Vulgar