Today for this review we are going to be trying Frosted Pebbles Live Rosin Crème Brûlée by Sauce Rosin Labs.

The interesting thing with the company Sauce Rosin Labs is that all of their concentrates are all solventless. They have also created a new consistency that they call Crème Brûlée.

Which they recommend you keep in the fridge to keep its freshness. Frosted Pebbles is an indica-dominated hybrid from crossing Fruity Pebbles OG and Wedding Cake together.

With both of these strains known for their highs and flavours what will the outcome of this strain Frosted Pebbles made into concentrate? This batch of Frosted Pebbles Live Rosin Crème Brûlée is 86.2% THC and is less than 1% CBD.

There is also 5.52% of terpenes and these terpene profiles are Humulène, Limonène, Myrcene and Pinène.

Now it’s time to take 3 dabs and see how the Frosted Pebbles Live Rosin Crème Brûlée is and what it can do ..

After the first dab the high was pretty mild but you knew it was there. After the second and third dab I was for sure feeling it and could have gone back to sleep at this point.

Some of the dabs were a bit harsh but I do tend to cough a lot. These dabs were very tasty and heavy hitting so I can’t lie about that.

My overall view on the Frosted Pebbles Live Rosin Crème Brûlée by Sauce Rosin Labs is that they did a really amazing job on this product. I would highly recommend you try this as soon as you can as I will be getting more in the future.

From the packaging, looks, taste and high this is one of the best products that I have tried and reviewed so far. Even for an indica hybrid this still hits pretty heavy.

So me personally I would smoke this whenever but I don’t think I would be getting much done after as I would just want to chill. For those with a lower tolerance this might be something you want to try in the evening to enjoy.

I will be honest I did do a dab when I first got this and that was crazy before writing this review. I took one dab and got so high I was like WTF!

It was a pretty intense body buzz and heavy high so I knew from the get go this stuff was gonna be something special.

As always everyone wherever you are be safe stay positive and enjoy what you are smoking.

By T-Will