We connected with one of the team members behind the influential and popular rap video cypher series Grind Mode Cypher. They host some of the freshest cyphers on the planet known for killer lyrics and dope boom bap beats. Our friend Lingo shed some light on why they’ve been putting it down from underground mixtapes to now creating successful You-tube videos and more.

Peace Lingo where is Grind Mode Cypher based?

Grind Mode Cypher is based in Rhode Island.

How long have you guys been doing it?

I originally started Grind Mode as a mixtape series back in 2006. We made the transition to cypher videos in 2011.

Are you a label? What are some of your services?

We’re a platform for artists to be heard. We do that through cyphers, music video, shows, collaborations and constant promo of the artists on our platform. Anything we can do to continue to get these artists in front of new eyes and ears. We are also a label and have a few artists with projects coming.

How many does it take to operate your movement and do you have a marketing/promo team?

We have 6 hardworking people who take on many different roles to make Grind Mode Cypher a force. From camera work, to promo, merch, editing and so much more.

Any big new projects we should know about?

We consistently drop at least 2 cypher videos on our channel youtube.com/GrindModeCypher every week. We have some dope features coming up with Slaine, The Artifacts (El Da Sensei & Tame One), and Ren Thomas. Plus we have cypher series coming from Ocean City, MD, Columbus, OH, Providence, RI, New Bedford, MA and more from our international branch in South Africa.

How can one get involved with one of your events? Explain?

The best way to reach us is through our facebook.com/GrindModeCypher page. We post all upcoming events and have submission periods for artists to get involved with each event.

Funniest thing that ever happened at an event/cypher?

So many to choose from. Sean Price stood completely still like a statue through an entire take of filming.

All time favorite cypher ever thrown?

That’s a tough one. Every series brings new memories and friendships. We’ve had amazing times with Sean Price, Chris Webby, Slaine, Diabolic, Masta Ace, Chino XL and so many more.

Long term goals for Grind Mode Cypher?

Continued growth to be able to get the unheard artists in front of the eyes and ears they deserve. We want to shift the balance and show the masses there’s alternatives to just watch the radio feeds you.

Last words or shout outs?

Thanks to all the fans and family that continue to rock with us. Your support is appreciated greatly. Salute to our partners Brawlers Inc, Mass Wired, Wiseguys Films, Still Ill Productions & Hip Hop Everything. Lastly, thank you to yall for reaching out to us for this interview!

Grind Mode Cypher – Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube
Grind Mode World – Website
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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Grind Mode Cypher