For today’s wake and bake review we are going to be trying and reviewing another strain that I haven’t tried before. The place that we are trying this strain from I have reviewed once before not too long ago.

This place that we are reviewing the strain from is Royal Cannabis Supply Co who are, located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Etobicoke, Ontario.

They are the first farm gate location with their own retail shop on site in the GTA which can make for a fun and interesting visit. The strain that we are trying and reviewing from Royal Cannabis Supply Co is their Gushers flower.

Now if you grew up in the early 90’s you for sure had gushers at one point for a snack at home or during school. So when I saw that there was a strain called Gushers I knew I had to try it and see what it was like as I loved the candy growing up.

The strain Gushers was first bred in the west coast in San Francisco by Cookies Fam Genetics in 2010 who was started by Berner and grow expert Jigga.

Gushers is an indica-dominate hybrid strain from crossing Triangle Kush and Gelato #41 together. This strain seems to be very popular in the USA with its flavour, aroma being on point and tasty and a good high after smoking.

This batch of Gushers is 30.6% THC, less than 1% CBD (0.5%) and 3.5% terpenes. The main terpene profiles found in this strain are Limonene (0.7%), Nerolidol (0.5%) and Myrcene (0.5%).

The quarter (7 grams) of flower came in packaging that is very easy to open and close when needed. Once it was opened I could smell the aroma from the packaging. Once it was fully opened you really got the full aroma of the earthy and gassy goodness inside.

The buds were pretty frosted over from all the trichomes and were pretty dense. These buds for sure looked amazing with all the care that went into them.

The buds were also easy to break up and roll into a blunt. I was really looking forward to trying this strain as it is looking like a winner so far.

Now I was ready to head outside to enjoy the weather and have my first session of the day to see what the Gusher strain was going to be like.

This strain has a really nice taste on the exhale and burns really well as there was no uneven burning and only needed to be lit once. I was really enjoying smoking this strain as it did have a bit of a kick to it but was pretty smooth for the most part.

While smoking I could start to feel the high coming up slowly which is always a good sign. By the end of the blunt I was feeling pretty good.

The high wasn’t overwhelming at all and wasn’t too heavy for an indica hybrid strain. I was still able to do things and not just crash and chill doing whatever for a bit.

My overall view of the Gushers by Royal Cannabis Supply Co is they did an amazing job with this strain as I really like enjoyed it.

From the appearance, aroma, taste and high this is for sure a winner in my books as it’s one of the better indica hybrid strains that I have tried recently.

I felt great and started to get an appetite after smoking so I was looking forward to eating something shortly after writing this review.

I think anyone would be happy trying this strain as it is really good and would be great for chilling with a few friends having a fun night in.

Make sure to check out Royal Cannabis Supply Co online, at your local dispensaries or if you can make it to their retail store at their farm gate location in Etobicoke, Ontario.

This is the second strain I have tried from them and I have been really happy with both so far so I look forward to trying and reviewing more in the future from them.

Hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of the strain Gushers or other products you have tried from Royal Cannabis Supply Co.

For our non-Canadian readers please come up to Toronto or other major cities and come see what our cannabis culture and products are like as we have a lot to choose from and offer.

Thanks for reading our cannabis reviews at MRC and until next time be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!