Aside from an EP by Prince Rakeem (RZA), GZA is the only member of Wu-Tang Clan that released an album on a major label before they were part of Wu-Tang Clan. Words from the Genius was released in 1991 and re-released in 1994 and 2006. You can clearly hear the influence that GZA had on Wu-Tang’s sound. Many of the tracks, including Phony As Ya Wanna Be and Pass The Bone, could have been bonus tracks on the Wu-Tang’s Enter the 36 Chambers album. Pass the Bone was produced by RZA, while the rest of the album was produced by Easy Moe Bee.

Words from the Genius has samples from all over the place throughout the 60s and 70s, from The Meters funk to disco and soul hooks. Though this album is often overlooked, GZA has strong vocals and smart lyrics on Words from the Genius. It’s a solid, funky collection that may have been released too early for its own good. Check them all out on Youtube.

Track listing:
1. “Come Do Me” Jesse West 4:47
2. “Phony As Ya Wanna Be” Easy Mo Bee 5:04
3. “True Fresh M.C.” Easy Mo Bee 3:39
4. “The Genius Is Slammin'” Easy Mo Bee 4:23
5. “Words from a Genius” Easy Mo Bee 5:05
6. “Who’s Your Rhymin’ Hero” Patrick 4:34
7. “Feel the Pain” Easy Mo Bee 3:39
8. “Those Were the Days” Easy Mo Bee 4:37
9. “Life of a Drug Dealer” Easy Mo Bee 3:39
10. “Stop the Nonsense” Easy Mo Bee 3:41
11. “Living Foul” Easy Mo Bee 4:22
12. “Drama” Easy Mo Bee 3:59
13. “Stay Out of Bars” Patrick Harvey 3:55
14. “What Are Silly Girls Made of” 4:32
15. “Superfreak” Patrick Harvey 4:38

Words From The Genius (1994 re-release)

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