Known for his distinctive beats and sampling style, H. Potta boasts noteworthy credits, such as Vinnie Paz’s “Loro Piana Robes,” and collaborative efforts with artists like Danny Diablo, Joe Fatal, Big Leto and more. In this brief interview, we caught up with H. Potta, asking him to share his top five favorite beat making machines.

Each of these devices carries a unique narrative, adding that flavor to H. Potta signature production style. From the iconic SP1200 to the PO 33, let’s tune in as he guides us through this list.

1. SP1200 – Obviously for the sound it spits out, but the workflow is one of the best ways to get from point A to point B. The sequencer has the best feel in my opinion. I learned mostly on a 1200, so I still have a love for it.

2. ASR 10 – Best sounding and the best onboard FX in my opinion!

3. PO 33 – 2nd best workflow ever. Reminds me of the SP1200. Very fast to use, raw sound quality. This replaced a lot of boxes for me. Nothing is perfect, but this thing sparks my creativity the most! It’s become a part of my thought process because I have trouble paying attention when I make music. So I need something quick. Hands down my main sampler.

4. Zoom Sampltrak ST224 – This came out later on down the line, but the sound is nice and rugged..

5. Akai S612 – It’s a rack sampler. Before the 900 and 950…Very limited, but the sound and filter are real ill. I used to use it to sample into, then sample that into the MPC2000.

Bonus Mention:

Roland MS1, 1010 Nano Razz, Pikocore (8-bit sample player) – Recently picked this up, and it’s a crazy little gadget. I really love gadgets. In different stages, I mainly use my PO33, Roland MS1, 1010 Nano Razz, as well as some other newer samplers that came out much later on.

They are all very convenient to use to make music. Unfortunately, I had to sell some gear when money was tight, but I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of gear at different stages. – H.Potta

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