Today we’re gonna try some flower from Flatlandr. The strain that we’re trying, from them is called Hawaiian Flowers.

Flatlandr is a brand under VLC who are Micro-Cultivators and Micro-Processor of craft cannabis in Saskatchewan, Canada. When you talk about landrace strains we can’t forget some of the classic ones that come from Hawaii.

We’ll never forget the classic scene in Half Baked where Dave Chappelle robs the weed room and yells out Maui Wowie. So it’s interesting to be trying this Hawaiian Flowers.

There is not much info on this strain after doing some research. Some saying it’s a sativa-dominated hybrid or an indica-dominated hybrid and that this strain is from crossing Pineapple Express and Amnesia Haze together.

So take this information with a grain of salt. This batch of Hawaiian Flowers is 28.4% THC and less than 1% CBD.

There is a total of 2.65% of terpenes with the terpene profiles being Myrcene, Ocimène, Terpinolene and Caryophyllene.

When you open the package the HQ (Half Quarter/3.5 grams) of flower greets you with a very pleasant aroma. The buds looked nice but were a little bit dry so I made sure not to break it up into dust in the grinder.

Now that I have my blunt rolled let’s see how this flower is going to be. While smoking it did have a nice taste and smoked for a while.

The blunt did have to be relit a few times and burned even for the most part. This strain wasn’t too harsh while smoking which was nice.

The high from this flower was very mild and it did last for a tiny bit after smoking. My overall thought of the Hawaiian Flowers by Flatlandr is that it would be good day time weed.

If you had things to do during the day or wanted to wake and bake and not get too high I think this would be a great strain to do that.

I would have liked it to been a bit stronger but that’s not saying the next batch can’t or won’t be from them.

By T Will