Hip-hop pioneer and social activist Hakim Green, best known for his contributions to the classic rap group Channel Live, is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Michigan-based Cannabis Company L-Train for the launch of the Mad Izm Cannabis 3-Pack.

This special collection, curated by Hakim Green himself, celebrates the ethos of Mad Izm- a mindset of enlightenment, empowerment, and social consciousness.

The Mad Izm Cannabis 3-Pack represents a fusion of hip-hop culture and cannabis innovation, bringing together Hakim Green’s legendary status in the music industry with L-Train’s expertise in crafting premium cannabis products. Each 3-pack is meticulously curated to offer a unique and unforgettable experience for cannabis enthusiasts and hip-hop fans alike.

To kick off the launch of the brand, Michigan area cannabis enthusiasts can join Hakim Green and L-Train tomorrow, July 10th, 2024 at The Clinic Cannabis Company (located in the 8 Mile District of Michigan) for 7/10 Holiday, known in the cannabis world as the cousin of uber popular 420 Day.

This special launch celebration will include a special Pop Up Performance, Meet-n-Greet, and panel discussion with Hakim Green featuring other local area celebrities. Plus the opportunity to purchase 3-Pack bundles to include exclusive merch and limited released vinyl, of the Channel Live’s classic album, Station Identification.

Hip-Hop Legend Hakim Green Collaborates with L-Train for the Launch of Mad Izm Cannabis 3-Pack And A Special Pop Up Performance!

In addition, everyone who purchases a 3 Pack will receive a free download with three songs from Hakim Green’s new album, Mad IZM: ‘Who Wanted This Smoke?’ Each song is matched with a strain specially curated by cannabis connoisseur, Hakim Green himself. The song “What’s Mad Izm” featuring KRS-One and General Steele of Smif-N-Wesun, produced by Breakbeat Lou is matched with the strain Bruce Banner/Peaches N Cream.

“Smoke Mad Izm,” featuring Treach of Naughty By Nature, DoItAll, from Lordz Of The Underground and Keith Murry, produced by Domingo is matched with the Sour Diesel/Skunk strain. Lastly, “Papi’s Place,” featuring Thristin Howl The 3rd produced by Will Tell, is matched with the Baked Blueberry strain.

The 710 Holiday observed on 7/10 and gets its name and purpose from a cultural codename for all things weed concentrate and also is referred to as OIL as (710 inverted and turned upside down), the de facto symbol for any type of cannabis oil.

“The release of the Mad Izm 3-Pack in collaboration with L-Train is the celebration of the marriage between Hip Hop and Cannabis. Mad Izm is the undeniable smoke anthem, so it’s only right Hip Hop stakes its claim in the new booming industry,” say’s Hakim Green.

As a passionate advocate for social change, Hakim Green brings his commitment of empowerment and community development to every aspect of his work. In addition to his legendary status in Hip-Hop, Hakim Green is the proud owner of the 24 Hours Of Peace Annual Festival, a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with the City of Newark, NJ, aimed at combating violence and promoting Peace, Love, Unity, and Safely Having Fun.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hakim Green for the launch of the Mad Izm Cannabis 3-Pack,” said Mario Eaton, CEO at LTrain. “Hakim’s classic, Mad Izm will forever be synonymous with cannabis culture especially and we are excited and honored to be the first to present Mad Izm cannabis as a brand to the world.”

The Mad Izm Cannabis 3-Pack will be available for purchase exclusively through select retailers and starting tomorrow July 10, 2024.