Renowned photographer, T. Eric Monroe teamed up with NJ Skateshop and Vans to honor New Jersey’s finest rapper, Redman with his limited edition photo tee, shot in 1997 (Above). Printed on durable, standard fit 6oz Ringspun 100% cotton. The exclusive line entitled, NJ Brick is available now in-store and online.

Known for his photos of music icons like The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, and Nas, T. Eric Monroe adds his stamp to the exclusive NJ Brick collection. “I’ve known the owners of NJ Skateshop for years,” says Monroe. “This is an awesome way to celebrate skateboarding culture in the Tri-State area,” he adds.

The NJ Brick collection celebrates NJ Skateshop’s hometown of Sayreville, New Jersey, which was the largest manufacturer of bricks on the East Coast from 1860 to 1970. Every brick skate park from Richmond, VA to Ricmond, ME was built with Sayreville bricks. The 3-piece apparel collection along with the three vans shoes pays homage to Sayreville and the East Coast skateboarding community.

Recently, Monroe made national headlines after Hip-Hop DX published a story about his rare photo of 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. together in 1993.

Several other leading music publications like Hot New Hip-Hop, Hot 97, and HYPEBEAST picked up the story which brought more attention to his incredible body of work and new hardcover collector’s edition photography book, Rare & Unseen Moments of 90s Hip-Hop.

The NJ Brick collection also includes a limited edition Carolyn J. Owerka (mother of legendary designer Alyasha Owerka Moore) photo tee with Monroe taking a picture at the storied Brooklyn Banks Skatepark in 1988.

Fans can catch Monroe on the latest episode of Vans Channel 66 ‘Shop Radio’ show with legendary hip-hop DJ Mr. Len, and Vans team riders Dick Rizzo & Mark Humienik.

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ARTICLE: Rodney Coursey
IMAGE: T. Eric Monroe