For today’s review we are going to be trying some new flower from a place that I haven’t tried before yet.

I will also be trying this strain for the first time, so I am also excited to see how this will be as it did sound interesting.

The place that we are reviewing today is a place called Magi Cannabis. They are located at Salt Spring Island which is in British Colombia, Canada.

They are a small scale family owned and operated farm where they have a deep passion for growing quality cannabis for others to enjoy. The strain that we are trying from Magi Cannabis is their Hippie Headbanger flower.

This sounds like something I would want to smoke before going to a punk show and going crazy while slam dancing!

This strain Hippie Headbanger was bred by Karma Seeds and was then grown by the team at Magi Cannabis in B.C. Hippie Headbanger is a sativa-dominate hybrid strain from crossing Sour Diesel and Biker Kush together.

It’s stated that this strain is best for those who are more experienced smokers as this is supposed to be a very strong strain. Just from the Sour Diesel alone this strain should hopefully have a very interesting and nice flavour profile on the exhale.

This batch of Hippie Headbanger is 30.4% THC, less than 1% CBD and 3.7% terpenes. There was no information on the terpene profiles for this strain.

The packaging that the flower came in was both easy to open and close when needed.

When the packaging was opened that was a very pleasant aroma which reminded me of the strain Headband when I first tried it over 10 years ago.

It was a very nice and gassy, earthy and diesel aroma to it. The buds were little popcorn buds when I took them out of the bag.

They did look nice as they were light green with very light orange hairs that almost get lost in the trichomes. The buds were easy to break up in a grinder but did break up a bit small I found as I did roll most of the HQ (Half Quarter/3.5 grams) and was no problem rolling it into a blunt.

Now I was ready to smoke and see what this Hippie Headbanger flower could do for me and my cannabis needs. It wasn’t the best weather outside but I was able to chill for a bit a smoke the blunt for around 25 minutes or so.

The blunt did burn very well and did have a nice white ash. The flavour profile of this strain was also really nice and something everyone would really enjoy.

After smoking I found that the high wasn’t too intense but you could feel it for sure and get things done if you needed to.

My overall view of the Hippie Headbanger by Magi Cannabis is that they did a great job with this sativa strain as I would get more of this again.

As someone who does like indica strains a lot more I did enjoy this strain as it did get me high, had a great flavour and aroma profiles and was a more active high for during the day.

For those who enjoy sativa strains this is one you’ll want to check out and see what it can do for you as it does have a really nice high to it.

I look forward to trying other products from Magi Cannabis in the future and see what else they have to offer as I did like their Hippie Headbanger a lot.

Don’t forget to hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of the strain Hippie Headbanger or other products from Magi Cannabis you have tried.

Thanks as always for reading our cannabis reviews and until next time be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!