Hunnid released “Pushin” this summer Aug 2021. The song was written, recorded and produced/ engineered in Hunnid’s hometown of Chicago, IL.

London’s own Thomas Ashby accompanies Hunnid on this track, helping to bring the punchy hook to life and perfectly blending American rap with British singing.

This track is ultimately about rising to any challenge and never giving up, supporting an overall positive, motivational message for the listener.

The record has a short but sweet punch, making it an easy listen ready to be put on repeat. The composition includes heartfelt, powerful lyrics combined with a tranquil melodic chant.

“Pushin” is off of Hunnid’s new album release ‘Quarantine Files’ available on most DSP’s.

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ARTICLE: MRCNNlive/ Groover
IMAGE: Hunnid