The Hip-Hop community is not just a music genre, it’s an entire movement. Embracing independence and creativity, it’s like an independent Hip-Hop label in its own right.

If you’re a fan of Raw, Funky, and Jazzy boombap Hip-Hop sounds, then you’re in for a treat with “I Got Flava For Dayz” a dope album from the Break Addicts label, a worldwide collective of artists from Greece, China, Ukraine, West Europe, the US, and Latin America.

Behind these soulful bangers on “I Got Flava For Dayz,” is the creative mind of Κ12α, a skilled beat producer based in Greece. Every track on this album is proof of his talent and passion for crafting dope music.

Additionally, the album has been expertly mastered by the renowned European beat producer, Stasevich. With his skillful touch, he has refined and polished the tracks to perfection, ensuring that the tracks hit just right.

But that’s not all! The fresh cover artwork that adorns the album is the creation of RG56 from THE RHYMEDALZ CREW. His stylewriting perfectly complements the essence of the music, making “I Got Flava For Dayz” a true work of art in every sense.


Released on 21.07.2023 experience the magic of this project!

As you groove to the beats, you’ll find yourself nodding along to the dope ass breaks that artfully blend underground golden era hip-hop elements & boombap, creating a cool, jazzy sound that’s fresh and unique.

Don’t miss your chance to support this project! You can be a part of their crowdfunding campaign for a vinyl release on Qrates. By doing so, you’ll not only be supporting the artists and label but also preserving the essence of independent music culture.

You can purchase and Stream “I Got Flava For Dayz” and other releases from Break Addicts on these various platforms such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and most DSP’s.

Join the movement, groove to the raw beats, and celebrate the true art of Hip-Hop. Let’s keep diggin’ in those crates for the next dose of musical dopness!


1. You Ain’t Shit Without A Badge & A Gun 03:48

2. Represent 03:32

3. Grenade 02:47

4. I Got Flava For Dayz 02:51

5. Mad Flava 03:07

6. Hip Hop N’ Rap 02:45

7. Gimme Dat 02:35

8. Check It Out! 03:03

9. Yo Ass’ll Get Whipped 02:33

10. BoomBapa Remake 02:23