Today we released the official music video for GFTD and 2nd Generation Wu’s latest track, “Legacy Drip”. 2nd Generation Wu leader and 1/2 of the GFTD duo, iNTeLL, wants you to know that his Drip has always been rooted in his Legacy.

On his latest offering appropriately titled “Legacy Drip” produced by Squeegie O and distributed by Tommy Boy Records, iNTeLL reminds his world audience that lyrics are more important than flashiness when trying to build and maintain an everlasting legacy like the one Wu-Tang has provided to not only the rap game but for global culture as a whole.

The music video, shot by Alex Antigua, opens up with a promotion for iNTeLL’s new frenetic, neon, early 90’s workout video (jokes) and provides a hilarious visual throughout to go along with the acrobatics of his word play and mind flipping lyrics. Is that a wig? Nobody knows for sure.

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ARTICLE: Tommy Boy Records