DJ Robert Smith is turntablist out of Germany. He’s a part of a hip hop crew called “Smith&Smart” along with Maxwell Smart and “Slick Walk” with Stefan “Merse” Ulrich. In this interview Smith recalls his earliest memory of hip hop culture, he tells us about his practice routines and drops names of some legendary dj’s who have inspired him.

Peace Dj Robert Smith where’s home? (Berlin)

Home is where I feel comfortable, welcome and safe. Home is also where I am in good company with great people around me.

What was your first hip hop experience?

I think my first Hip Hop experience was when a neighbors’ friend introduced me to the movie “House Party” with Kid n Play.

Did you have some one show you how to Scratch?

I did have a friend on my basketball team djing already. He was sick on the cuts and in the mix. He taught me the main fundamentals. Watching German greats DJ Stylewarz and Mirko Machine inspired me to learn the art form of djing.

What is your practice routine like?

I put on a beat and start to practice basic scratch combos, which for me are the most important things you need to master. On repeat everyday all day.

Do you also make beats?

Yes from time to time, but to be honest I prefer to team up with beat makers and producers.

Any shows or tours coming up?

Yes there are. Going on tour with my two man band Smith&Smart in October in Switzerland while also being on tour with another artist in November.

Any crazy show stories?

There are way to many to write down lol!!

Do you have sponsors? Who?

I work together with Reloop and Ultimate Ears.

Favorite thing to do when your not at work?

Scratching…is what I do when I m not working. This is my Yoga. But also very necessary for me is cycling, sports and digging in crates.

Best spot in your city to enjoy some good hip hop?

My favorite spots to enjoy some good music is Cassiopeia and Gretchen in Berlin.

Last words or shout outs?

Thank you MRCNN for having me. Big ups to all my supporters all around the globe. Peace and respect to all of you.

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IMAGE: Dj Robert Smith