Your first hip hop experience?

My first hip-hop experience was attending a car show that had Too Short and Xzibit on the bill. My first underground hip-hop experience was seeing Hiero perform live.

What is your native background?

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Southeast La. My parents are from Peru. I’m Peruvian-American.

How does living in Los Angeles influence your music?

Living in Los Angeles has influenced me greatly. I grew up listening to Julio G on 92.3 The Beat and DJ Melo D from the Beatjunkies.

Favorite place in your area to see or hear underground hip hop?

Back in the days it was Elements. But now I would say Boombox.

What would you change about the hip hop scene in your city?

Just more events.

Favorite place to cop some gear? To eat??

My favorite place to shop is at Burlington. I can literally be in that store all day. Favorite place to eat is at Taco Nazo.

Any favorite djs, writers, emcees from LA??? Worldwide??

Favorite DJs would definitely be DJ Revolution from the Wake Up Show and the Beatjunkies. LA emcees that I like would be 2Mex and Rappers my favorites representing LA would be 2pac and Ice Cube.

What are some of your goals for the remainder or the year?

I need to shoot one more video from my album GIN and I need to finish recording my EP Birds of a Feather.

Any hidden talents??

I can teach.

Last words or shouts??

Check out my new single “Welcome to LA” and my new self-titled album GIN out now on all streaming platforms. And check out my previous album Spiritual Bars.

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