Where at in the west do you call home?

Compton California. Born and raised on the Westside. The neighborhood is 151 Piru. But my street was neutral. Lived off and on in Hawthorne. Kurupt was my down the street neighbor throughout high school..

What is The Elite Men’s Magazine about?

It really follows up with Nas’ “Where Are They Now?” The magazine industry is pretty dry. No new titles are being signed up. But I feel like, there has never been a truly down Hip-hop mag.

So I’ll be the one to give it up… But it’s about in depth profiles on rappers; featuring models and cars.

Who are your ideal fans?

Everyone. I’m trying to close every person who can read with this mag. I’m old school. I believe if the stories are compelling and photography is good, then its for everyone, even if the person doesn’t like listening to Rap.

What other businesses do you operate?

I’m taking some stabs at self-publishing. Look into “Poison Evy: An Erotic Hip-hop Tale” that’s my first novel. And I dropped an album back in ’98 called “Steel Doin’ My Thang” by Baneful One. I still make Rap records.

What is a normal day like for you?

Right now I job hunt. Spend a lot of time on Indeed. People are starting to call about interviewing me. Otherwise Im getting my “trey songs” together. I recently recorded “New Shit”. My next joint is called “Don Baneful El Jeffe.” I’m walking around, ducking tokes in my car, and tryna memorize these new verses.

Has the pandemic affected your hustle?

Absolutely. Both positive and negative. I was a call center worker in Orange County being totally dogged out. So I was just sinking. Couldn’t publish. Couldn’t record. Finna be evicted.

The pandemic let a brotha slow down, stay home, get a little stimulus. So I brought the mag back to life, but can’t walk outside and sell the paper magazine. It’s for sale online, but people don’t buy magazines from online. I wish we would. My problems would be solved.

What do you hope to accomplish with the magazine?

A childish dream. I graduated high school in ’92 and my goal was to run a magazine, the same style of mag I’m running now. I wanted to get wealthy, have seven wives, but, mainly, provide that cool product and cool place to work. I hope to meet someone to partner up with.

Someone who can get into selling advertising space and attracting investors. Right now it accomplishes some social justice. I can slow down racism around by showing up as the black press. The mag and website is making the Internet more interesting. And I’m networking.

How can someone get featured or ad/placement in the magazine?

I’ll hook you up. Contact me through the website.

Last song you had on repeat?

Let The Rhythm Hit’em – Rakim

Last words or shout outs?

Shout out to all my downlow investors. People have bought the mag. Or have met me online and given me scoops to write about. A lot of stuff. Magazines are magic. And I’m seeing some powerfully positive things.

It’s bringing out a lot of good from a lot of people. I just want to thank all peeps who are showing their support in ways they can – when they don’t wanna whip out a card and buy.

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