J Dilla Inspired Techniques by VerySickBeats

In this vid, we examine a one of my all time favorite beats from the legendary J Dilla where he uses a slick variation in his drum pattern. Dilla could play drums and it’s evident in his drum programming especially during the time he was mainly known as Jay Dee. The technique is demonstrated on my MPC 2000xl but the concept can be transferred to any hardware or software.

This is only one of many J Dilla techniques, but if you listen to his production on Busta Rhymes song called “The Shining” from the album “The Coming”, u will come across so many dope techniques just from that one song alone. The spirit of Dilla will continue to live on and shout out to Ma Dukes for creating such a legacy thru her son Dilla Dawg aka The King of Beats!

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ARTICLE: VerySickBeats
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: J Dilla Inspired