Emmy Award winning rapper- Jabee returns with a new release, and the Oklahoma City born artist never does things by halves, as proven via this conceptual collection of EPs.

Presenting the first in a collection of four chronological EP’s namely ‘AM I GOOD ENOUGH’.

The title for the overall idea was inspired by the words that Kevin Costner famously shared at Whitney Houston’s funeral.

‘AM’ is produced entirely by Derek Minor, and has a variety of features including Micheal Christmas, K.O, Chuuwee, Bub Styles, Lando Chill, and others.

The result from this closely netted collaboration has created the perfect blend of songs ranging from vivid, to soulful, to straight up Hiphop (e.g. Aquimbee was inspired by OutKast’s Aquimini)

“Jabee has the potential to change the world’ – Chuck D

The EP embarks on a linear storyline as shown in the track listing.


1. Find Yourself ft. K.O.
2. Wake Up ft. Chuuwee & Bub Styles
3. Everything ft. Derek Minor
4. How Many More ft. Lando Chill
5. Aquimbee ft. Michael Christmas
6. Eastside With Love ft. Kadence, JRolla, TD Badazz, Grand National, Marvuluzz Thugg

Produced Entirely by Derek Minor

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IMAGE: Jabee