Armed with fresh melodies and groundbreaking lyrics, check out Jah Eye’s release named “Dem Ah Talk”, which hits the mark with astonishing sound design, and great lyrics. Falling somewhere in between the energy of classic reggae and the appeal of contemporary music, this release is a perfect calling card for Jah Eyes, it showcases the artist’s broad creative range and ability to combine different styles in a very seamless and open way.

Jah Eyes truly hit the mark on this one, striking a strong balance between timeless production value, great recordings, and more importantly, a performance that is inspired, and that also inspires!

Music is all about sharing emotions with listeners, Jah Eyes is able to build a strong connection with the fans through lyrics, and through melodies as well. You can instantly connect with the honesty and with the spontaneity of this musical endeavor, and Jah Eyes’ music will instantly make its way into your heavy rotation.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Jah Eyes