Today we are going to be trying something different. For this review we are going to be trying some edibles from Wana.

The edible that we are trying today is their Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Soft Chews. Wana makes all vegan and natural products for sale in the US and Canada. Their hope is to produce edibles without cutting any corners to provide high quality products for consumers.

I have some crazy stories about edibles from when I was younger. One time I ate over 20 edibles at a Valentine’s Day cannabis event and I got so high. People couldn’t believe I just kept eating more and more.

The worst was at the end of the night I was so messed up I got lost going home even though I knew my way. Edibles are different than smoking cannabis.

Eating edibles can be more intense with the effects lasting much longer than smoking. So be mindful if you are new to edibles and don’t eat too much all at once. Better to slower add more than have too much and not have a good time.

These Japanese Citrus Yuzu soft chews have both THC and CBD in them. They come with two pieces in the package. Each soft chew has 5.0 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD for a total of 10 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD.

I bought two packs and ate the 4 pieces right away. The taste of these soft chews was amazing with the Japanese yuzu flavour and you didn’t taste the cannabis.

This can be an issue with some edibles as sometimes the cannabis can have an off putting taste. My overall view of the Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Soft Chews by Wana are that they have an amazing taste but I didn’t really feel much.

The only thing I felt was a bit of a pleasant sensation around my head but nothing else really. I think these would be great for those with a lower tolerance or for those who don’t want to get too high.

Wana also does stronger edibles so hopefully I will be able to try the stronger ones in the future as I would be more interested in much stronger edibles. If you have the chance try and see what the Wana products can do for you and your cannabis needs.

I will try to do more edible reviews soon and maybe some homemade ones I have enjoyed in the past that I have tried. Make sure to hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of these edibles or other products from Wana you have tried.

As always everyone till the next review be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!