Brooklyn’s Stix Bones” has played drums for Jessica Care Moore (Poet), Lyricist Lounge, Rahzel The Godfather of Noize(The Roots) and DJ Maseo(De La Soul). He was the drummer for the internationally known group Soulfege where he recorded two award winning albums. Stix was also nominated along with Derrick Ashon for and Emmy for music produced for the web series ‘Take Back The Mic’. His single “Waiting 4 Mr. Right” caught the interest of independent filmmaker Vera Edwards who gave Stix his first soundtrack opportunity. Today’s interview Stix talks about new music, hip hop and more. Shout out to Kay Dee Out There Promotions for the interview…

Peace Stix Bones, how long have you been drumming?

I have been playing the drums for over 20 years. I have a B A Degree in Jazz Performance.

Your new release “Breaks From The Soul” how much of it was recorded during the quarantine?

None.. The EP was recorded in 2019 some artist/ musicians flew in from Florida & Georgia.

What are some of the challenges promoting this project during a pandemic?

The biggest challenge during this pandemic is finding places to perform.

Who are the members of the Bone Squad?

BONE is an acronym for Brothers Of Noble Excellence The Squad is Al Brisbane (Bass)and Densen Curwen (Keys) and the musicians I work with and consider to be brothers…

What track(s) did you play on for Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1?

Im playing drums on Blood by Sarah Jones.

Who are some other heads you’ve rocked with?

D V Alias Khryst, Wordsworth, Dres of Black Sheep, Matt Marshak, and Richard D’Abreau Jr.

Where can we get the new music?

All digital platforms. Amazon, ITunes, Deezer, Youtube Red. Tidal etc.

The beat jugglin video with you and DJ Rob Swift & DJ Dilly any new collabs coming?

If our schedules allow we’ll do something in the future. I’m grateful to him and DJ Dilly for helping me promote the EP showing DJ’s the possibilities of adding it to their dj set.

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IMAGE: Stix Bones