Today we are going to be watching a documentary from 2005 based in Australia following the life of a 24 year old writer that goes by Jisoe.

I’m not sure when this first came out. but it was at least over a decade ago since it’s been put up on YouTube. I first watched this over 10 years ago and though it would be great to watch it again and share it with you all if you haven’t seen it.

From the highs and lows, racking, painting trains, smoking weed, mental health issues and police raids this gives you a look at the writing scene and culture from Australia.

Overall I did enjoy this as it was just raw footage of writing and just real life shit that can happen when you are a well-known and active train writer. This is great to see other parts of the world and what their writing culture and scene is like and what it takes to see those pieces rolling by.

It’s not sure what Jisoe is up to these days there was a rumor saying he died, some say that he is on the streets and using drugs or pursuing a career in music.

Photo: Jisoe

One things is for sure we can all remember the dedication that Jisoe had for getting up and painting trains back in the 1990’s.

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