Joell Ortiz and L’Orange are gearing up to release their new album Signature on August 11 via Mello Music Group. Today, the duo share the third single from the project, “Holy Ghost” featuring Cyhi.

The new album Signature brings together the raw lyrical prowess of veteran emcee Joell Ortiz and the creative brilliance of expert beatmaker, L’Orange. Drawing inspiration from Ortiz’s influential legacy, L’Orange weaves beats that exude vintage charm while simultaneously exploring new sonic territories.

The melodies are reshaped, the arrangements restructured, and the lyrics infused with renewed meaning. This reinterpretation stands as a testament to Ortiz’s undeniable talent as an artist, while L’Orange’s artistic touch adds a distinct flavor that enriches the music.

With meticulous attention to detail and a shared artistic vision, this musically collaborative masterpiece pushes boundaries and invites listeners into a wholly novel and captivating experience.

Joell Ortiz and L’Orange’s reinterpretation on “Signature” marks an audacious sonic exploration—an homage to Ortiz’s legacy while boldly forging a new path in hip-hop.

Prepare yourself for a musical journey that celebrates the unparalleled artistry of Joell Ortiz and the transformative vision of L’Orange.