This is Joey Majors first solo release after the classic collabo project “WOLF SZN” with his GawdBrova GREA8GAWD.

“Wolf In Sheep Clothing” Album Features heavy hitters like The Game, 38 Spesh, Grea8Gawd, Hell Rell, Eto, Rigz (Da Cloth), Planet Asia, Big Yount, Mooch (Da Cloth), Thanos Beats, Merc Beatz & Thavid Ruffin.

This album got the streets, bars & really dope hooks an around album well put together by Joey we hope yall like it and spread it around to your friends.

01. No Honor Among Thieves (Intro) (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)
02. W.I.S.C feat. Thavid Ruffin (Prod. By: Thanos Beats)
03. Get To The Bag feat. Big Yount (Prod. By: Thanos Beats)
04. Hustlers Anthem feat. Big Yount & ETO (Prod. By: Halo)
05. Puppet Masters feat. Thanos Beats, Mooch & Rigz (Prod. By: Thanos Beats)
06. End Of The World feat. 38 Spesh & GREA8GAWD (Prod. By: Thanos Beats)
07. Keep The Fame feat. Merc Beatz (Prod. By: ThanosThanos Beats)
08. Painful Success feat. Thavid Ruffin (Prod. By: Halo)
09. Ventilation feat. Hell Rell (Remix) (Prod. By: Thanos Thanos Beats)
10. Get Money feat. Planet Asia & Splash God (Prod. By: Merc Beatz)
11. The Plug feat. The Game & Matt Fingaz (Prod. By: JXSamuria)

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