Johnny Ciggs and Poe Mack reunite for second album, “Canary Diamonds.” This project was produced by Poe Mack, and not only showcases Johnny Ciggs but also features a talented array of fellow artists from the Richmond, Virginia scene.

Proudly brought to you by Gritty City Records.

1. Canary Diamonds 02:37 video
2. Smart Money (feat. Skweeks) 02:57
3. Last Night’s Liquor (feat. Starr Nyce) 03:10
4. Bury Me Smilin’ (feat. Chief GMF Levi & Reppa Ton) 04:13
5. Moonlight Pt. 7 (feat. Rah Scrilla) 03:09
6. Fly Shit (feat. Jleel) 04:11
7. Lavish Living (feat. Michael Millions) 03:24
8. Fine Tuning (feat. Illa Styles) 04:23 video
9. Men of the Year (feat. Skweeks) 03:01
10. Marvin Gaye 02:51
11. Last Call 03:14