Dropped 08.11.23, JRoberts, Supa Kaliente, and Verga7 the Ronin collaborate to present “Sketch a Hearse.” They ride over a banging soulful minimalist production by IM’PERETIV.

JRoberts the Northside Irishman embraces his Irish heritage, establishing the mood with piercing bars. Supa Kaliente, recognized not only for his battles in KOTD but also for his contribution to the Griselda film “Conflicted,” vividly displays his skills on the track.

Emerging from the underground with praise from lyricists such as Mickey Factz and Lupe, Vega7 the Ronin concludes the track, leaving clowns in a hearse. His actions over this track might warrant being deemed illegal.

“Sketch a Hearse” is now accessible on all major streaming platforms. Get ready for the gritty vibes of “Shamrocks & Machine Guns.”