Viberate (co-founded by acclaimed DJ and producer UMEK) is a blockchain-driven all-in-one platform for the live music industry, enabling music enthusiasts from all over the world to grow their careers and help shape the future of the industry and be compensated. They’ve just recently announced the newest addition to it’s platform, a comprehensive social media analytics tool for artists, labels, and other music professionals. We got email from Jure Rejec (digital marketer) at about the service. We reached out and got back a Q&A from one of the co-founders, Vasja Veber..

Big Up for the interview, where you from?

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

How do you discover new music?

By listening to the radio in the car during the everyday commute.

One marketing innovation that makes you excited?

Social media.

What are new trends you see for music consumption and marketing in 2022?

I wouldn’t lock into 2022 but rather take the whole decade because trends need more than a year to develop. The biggest trend is people realizing that it’s worth paying 10 EUR per month to access almost the entire global music catalog.

Before streaming services, most of the people I know were heavy users of torrent services and we all thought they aren’t going anywhere and that they are immune to anti-piracy measures.

What are some other favorite music app(s) or tech you can’t live without?

Aside from our own Viberate, I’m a power user of Apple Music in the combination with Apple Home Pod. Especially now when I have two little daughters. “Hey Siri, play that song from Frozen” works every time.

How important is it to invest in learning new skills?

Very important. I’m a big fan of the saying “You aren’t learning anything when you’re talking”. It’s getting harder to keep up when you are getting older and busier.

You need to choose carefully what to start learning and what to intentionally leave alone and let others deal with. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are dumb.

Best place see and hear live underground hip hop in your city?

I would say AKC Metelkova.

Last song you had on repeat?

Straight Outta Compton. I was cruising the streets of Riyadh in a car with one of the founding members of NWA and we had to listen to their tracks all the way from the conference to the hotel.

Last words or shout outs?

A shout out to my team here at Viberate.

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