Jersey to Germany! K-Prez teamed up with the Snowgoons for “The Come Up” to be released on Goon MuSick.

But the Goons did not produced the whole project. DJ Sixkay & Tony Crisp from Munich/Germany contributed two Instrumentals and they blend right into the Snowgoons Sound.

Not surpricing at all si ce DJ Sixkay is part of the Snowgoons DJs team. A stand out track on the project is “Tough Times” produced by Marco Polo.

Feature wise “The Come Up” is introducing two new artists, Solo For Dolo and 91 The Saga who is Viro The Virus (R.I.P.) real brother. And last but not least OG Wais P. is sharing his wisdom with K-Prez on the video single “Dollar & A Prayer”.

“The Come Up” is out now on all digital platforms and limited edition CD.

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