Today we spotlight Simi Valley’s KairOne, proud father, turntablist, beat producer and owner of Killswax Records. He drops some scratch history on us and how he got into the scratch business. His most recent project ‘Tones of Wax’ is a 7″ vinyl looper collaboration. It has 14 dope beats all produced by KairOne & DanOne. Check the links below show support and please share.

When did you first start DJing/turntablism and how much did your city and environment contribute to it?

1987ish I started jacking up my moms records and her turntable, and by 88-89 I had my 1st set up. At this time, local djs in the “San Fernando Valley” were my biggest influence and hearing mixtapes from my older brother. I was just amazed that my brother actually new people that scratched. Eventually, I got to know most of them and thanked them.. respect to them all!

What year and how did you get into releasing scratch records and how many joints have you released and are they 7″ or 12 inch pressings?

Mid ninety’s I helped release Rip ones 1st record, we had no clue about record pressing, mastering nothing we recorded it on a 4 track I believe hahahah that was a 12”.

There was seven 7” records released, started those in 2017 and don’t have plans for anymore 7’s. Definitely got some plans for a 12” and have lots of material on deck.

What’s your favorite record that you’ve produced, we like the RIP.ONE covers do you write as well?

Blood Donor breaks is probably my favorite because it actually has a song that a b-boy/girl can rock to, it’s got scratching, lil rap phrases, and HEX on the cover. It hits all four elements, but my favorite cover is Bihari meets Killswax Vol 1. Done by Shuks.

As for writing or just hip hop in general, I’m just a fan, but I’m probably more of fan of writing then I am scratching.

Top 5 greatest scratch battle records ever?

Battle breaks, Toasted Marshmallow breaks, Rock the Bells, Peter Piper, Funky Drummer idk hahaha…

Who are some folks / companies you’d give credit to for innovating portablism?

Right away 1st comes to my mind Bihari and Jesse Dean, but you gotta give credit where it is due “Dj Qbert”. The QFO in my eyes was the start of portablism.

Can you give up your vinyl source and do you have a team to help with the distribution? How does the process work?

I’ve been using pirates press. As for distribution, it’s kind of like a big family of small hip hop businesses. In my mind they are the heartbeat of this scratch culture and I got high respect for them all. Everything begins from my scratch room aka the garage nothing special here straight up raw underground junk, Praise God!

“Common Babel” Artwork by RIP.ONE

Bihari meets Killswax Vol 2. Artwork “SHUCKS DbK InL” (below)

Do you think they’ll bring back more pressing plants with the new demand for more vinyl?

I have No clue.

Where do you think scratch music is headed? Do you use Serato and what do you think will be the next big thing for scratch DJs?

There is no end to scratch music/scratching it’s really hard to imagine where it’s heading, but super exciting to see who innovates and invents the next steps. As for Serato I barely know how to work it. It does what I want it to do, I use it mostly for scratch hook/recordings.

Any hidden skills??

Jack of all trades, master of none!

Settle the Matter Artwork by RIP.ONE

Bihari meets Killswax Vol 1. Artwork by Shuks (below)

(KairOne) ‘Settle The Matter” DJ Swiftstyle Review

Last words or shout outs?

Thank you God for allowing me to be in this culture for such a long time! All glory to God! Thanks to my wife for putting up with what’s noise to her ears,but beautiful to mine for all these years. shout out:

Rip one, Glitch, Shuks, Stunts, Barnyard Mix Show, LA tablist-lounge, hit me up on my only social media..

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