Following his latest 2021 releases, “The Harry Osborn EP Vol. 3”, “Bu Zelda” and the posse cut “John Wick”, Kaz Money returns with “Ice Cold” a track that represents a shift in both sound and direction. Incorporating a more “current sound,” while maintaining his signature style, Kaz attempts to bridge the gap between his old and new influences in his own way.

“Music continues to evolve and I’ve been around long enough to see rap music go through a lot of phases. The one thing that remains true, is you either adapt or die. I found myself listening to a lot of new artists but not always appreciating their approach on how they tackle the music so I decided to take a stab at it and this quickly evolved into Ice Cold and a lot of new music I have in the pipe.” Kaz Money

For those that may not have heard of Kaz Money, he is better known as one third of the Dubai based pioneers The Recipe, and has worked with the likes of Kool Savas, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep, and Spark Master Tape. Kaz is a rap pioneer in his native Dubai and is well known for his humorous and intricate energetic rap style.

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IMAGE: Kaz Money