Kiii has recently announced the release of his follow up Psychedelic Trap Demo/EP “Ski Masks in 97′” dropping November 14th 2020.

With his lead single 97′ (Visual down below) at 10k+ views now, Kiii introduces a jam-packed body of work, “It took 6 months to select each of these 5 tracks; a lot of rewriting, concept building, redoing tracks, mixes etc. A very challenging project for me considering the social climate” he says.

Post Album, Kiii had to bridge the gap between works, and this bridge will leave people with much to sit on despite it being a ‘Demo’. “This is way more political than it is lyrical, every move I make I need to be felt; not just heard” Kiii says.

“There are no what ifs or what’s nexts, I’m in the now; everyone should be on their toes for what happens each moment, and each moment I am aiming higher than the previous one” Kiii warns.

“Artists are losing respect nowadays from their audiences and stakeholders. True art will settle the score from an industrial level, and I am not here to underperform” Kiii emphasizes.

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