Kofi Anonymous releases ‘Quarantino Beat 007’ from his upcoming EP ‘Quarantino Beats’, which will be released on August 28th. Quarantino Beat 007 is an ode to Jaylib (J Dilla & Madlib) and Bach featuring his old Microbrute synthesizer for all the melodic content.

Kofi Anonymous (aka Rory Ronde) is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is part of Wouter Hamel’s band, New Cool Collective, La Garçon and Les Cooles De Ville.

The ‘Quarantino Beats’ album was written during the Corona lockdown of April 2020. Each day a beat (or two) was created as a way to connect with feelings that may arise when dealing with isolation, confinement, loneliness but also rediscovery, playful innocence, relaxation and a sense of curiosity towards this new flow of life.

“I purposely did not want the tracks to sound too polished or to clean as our feelings are also not perfect or polished when dealing with a situation like this. Treat this music as if you found an old cassette from another time period. Through the (key)holes in this music you can stare in to another world.”

The “E-scapes” refer to how we connect with outside reality, our fears and hopes; will we escape into our old way of doing things or dare we step into something completely new?

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