Set high in the mountains of Cartago, (Costa Rica), Kryptik leads us down a psychedelic rabbit hole, as he narrates every detail of the ceremony, from the arrival of the Shaman at his lodge, to keeping down the second cup and beyond.

An eerie Rob Zombie sample steers the ship, with a solitary kick drum as the co-pilot, on this leftfield, self-produced, tribal soundscape.

This is very much a visual piece and long-term collaborator, Mysterex, displays his expertise and craftsmanship, as he executes a vividly vibrant and kaleidoscopically colorful video, purely within the confines of one room.

The video pairs up seamlessly with the intricately detailed account of Kryptik’s experience of the ancient medicine.

This is the 7th official video and final release from his ‘Collective Thoughts’ album, which has seen support and praise from BBC Introducing Scotland, Scottish Alternative Music Awards and even won Scottish HipHop ‘Track of the Year’ with his track, ‘Found The Love’.

Kryptik has promised to maintain this momentum through 2022, with several videos up his sleeve and many more in his sights.

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ARTICLE: One9ate7
IMAGE: Kryptik