Meet L.A. head Maya Huyana, in this interview she speaks on the politics of being a female MC in her city, her growth as an artist new music and more please share…

Your first hip hop experience?

My earliest recollection of “hip-hop” is being a toddler, watching the music videos on MTV. My great great auntie would be with me and I would steal her cane and the remote from her, and I would turn on MTV and sing and dance on the walking cane.

LOL, I also remember being a little kid who discovered that we can not only check out books from the local library, but CD’s and movies! This began my journey into the early hiphop albums like RUN DMC as well as hiphop music from other regions such as East coast and the South.

What types of obstacles do you face being a female emcee/ lyricist?

As far as lyrically, many people are surprised to see what I actually look like, compared to my lyrical content, and rap style LOL its kind of fun in a way.

There are plenty of obstacles that women face in this rap game/entertainment, from access to resources, investors, not enough opportunities for black women to participate in our own culture, and the festivals, which typically book and promote 85% male talent.

Some countries have even made laws against this type of booking, requiring festivals to book a more balanced amount of male/female talent. In addition, the Westcoast hip hop climate is extremely political, misogynistic and there really have not been many female emcees that have made it on a global scale.

Well, really aside from Doja Cat & Saweetie you probably can’t name anyone in the past 50 years of hip-hop lol. NY and ATL have way more female spitters who have found success than CA/LA. So there are many obstacles & roadblocks to my career, however, I have absolute faith in my talent and in God.

Specifically, what would you change about the hip hop scene in your city?

I would make more blogs, playlists, podcasts & festivals black-owned/operated in Los Angeles specifically. I would create more bridges with Oakland/Nor Cal as far as the underground goes, making Cali artists over-all more inter-connected and cross promoting.

I would also require more female talent to be booked from the major A-List level. I think the underground embraces women much more than the Majors but that is where the money, marketing, and awareness lies so it would be a huge deal if more female emcees were signed and promoted based off talent & not just looks.

Any new music we should know about?

‘The R.A.W. EP’ just dropped on 11/12/21 [The Real Always Wins EP]. Subscribe to my Youtube here.

Favorite spot(s) to see hip hop or perform in your city?

I love Bananas in Leimert Park, I like the shows at The AirLiner, and I like the shows that PakkMusic Group throws as well as BrickToYaFace.

Favorite sneaker brand or apparel?

Nike AirMax 95, Jordan SpaceJam & Bathing Apes!!!!!

Favorite spot(s) to eat?

Panxa Cocina in LBC, El Torito in Sherman Oaks, Bakers Drive Thru and Tuxie’s Juices in the iE lmao and Antojitos Martin Smoothies in Inglewood! I also love La Monarca Bakery, there are many all over Los Angeles!

Any hidden skills, what do you do on your days off?

I love books and film alot, I used to do that before music honestly. I go to the movie theatre alone all the time. I’m obsessed with the iMDB app lol.

I love writing-essays, poetry books, writing scripts, and helping other artists make music video treatments, concepts, and content. I enjoy writing and being creative in many ways that have nothing to do with rapping or my own music.

Long term goals in this game?

I want to make millions of dollars off my art while being myself. I want to sign artists who are underprivileged or slept on, providing them with artistic budgets, mental health wellness, and even housing as long as they stay out of trouble and follow their plans. I would like to write and produce several films.

Last words or shout outs?

Thank you for hitting me up about this interview and for following my music!! Much love/peace!!

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IMAGE: Maya Huyana