Welcome to Los Angeles. This will be a four part interview on a new Hip Hop Group collective, known as S Dot Central League, four men, DJ Lord Ron, Triple Ace Boogie, Yedr’rocski & AllCity. All the artists have deep roots in L.A. underground hip hop culture. Welcome to Part 1 with AllCity..

Peace.. All City what side of L.A. you from?

South Central Los Angeles born and raised.

How long have you been putting it down?

I’d say 25yrs easy..

For those unfamiliar with your sound what joints should they go and check out?

Check out a popular joint right now, a song with W.C. of the Westside Connection & MayLay also a close affiliate of W.S.C. “Hood Tour” over 4 million views. The last LP I released is entitled “EXECUTIVE DECISIONS” also available on all digital platforms.

New projects currently working on?

Quite a few, my solo album dropping first quarter entitled “NO DAYZ OFF” and a new collaboration LP entitled “Bastard’s & Bae Baez”…endless amounts of singles..

How long have you been rocking with Dj Lord Ron?

I’ll just say like 2 yrs roughly.

Anything outstanding happen to you this summer you’d like to share?

Well the only thing that stands out is losing my Mom’s 6/22.. which in turn taught me to never expect anything from a person. And by doing that you won’t have to be mad at them if they can’t do something for you..

Your thoughts on artists in the business getting caught up in gang culture trouble after they made it big time?

Well I think that’s the dumbest thing you can do is HUSTLE BACKWARDS.. but I know why they do it. It’s to be excepted and protected by the Hood. Translation.. has no problem paying his way and being the hood ATM…

Long term goals?

Long-term goals are educate artist about the importance of copyrights. 2) Influencing artist to put more substance into the music, 3) Ghostwriting for artist, 4) getting my clothing brand off the ground, “District Clothing” and 5) do some acting/directing films.

Favorite classic west coast djs or mixtapes?

DJ Quik original mixtapes before he dropped, my favorite is Dj Crazy Toons Old Maad Circle Mixes, Jinx C., MixMaster Spade and Mix Master Ken…

Last words or shouts?

Keep it real with yourself respect the Culture and always look beyond What’s right in front of you… Shout out The Almighty Higher Power for allowing me to be here on this earth still, my better half Emorie West soon to be Mrs. Brown and this Hip Hop for saving my life… Ya Boi AllCity!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: All City