Official music video for ‘Watch Dem All Fall’ taken from L.I.F.E. Long & A-$harp’s collaborative album “Gensu Blades”. Fresh and Brand new for 2022. Gensu Blades cuts through the scene with Sharp beats and cutting edge wordplay.

Bringing you Original and Classic Hip-Hop from Veteran emcee L.i.f.e. Long & Producer/D.J. A-$harp. Hailing from the Eastcoast Tri-State areas of New York & New Jersey both individuals pair up bringing you “Gensu Blades”.

Gensu Blades reminiscent of the classic Blades that can cut through anything while still out lasting throughout time. Similar to the sound brought forth to you on this self titled project “Gensu Blades”.

Truly a Sharp Lifelong tool soon to be well approved by true Hip-Hop listeners worldwide! “Gensu Blades” available through CocoonMovements/SharpTank. Order this exclusive fine cutlery now .

L.I.F.E. Long & A-$harp presents “Gensu Blades”

1. Order Now(Intro)
2. Watch Dem All Fall
3. Out The Gate
4. Hydra (3 Headed Monster) Feat Nocturnal & Tone Liv
5. Gensu Blades
6. Live From ZombieLand
7. Gensulude
8. Veteran Rant Feat Nocturnal & Tone Liv
9. Game
10. The Skys Falling feat Fatboi Sharif & Ned Shimmelfinney
11. L.i.f.e.History

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ARTICLE: Sektion Red
IMAGE: A-$harp